Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” originally launched back in 2015 and now Square Enix is finally porting it over to the PS4 sometime next year. While the arcade version is constantly getting new updates, it is unknown whether the console version will get any exclusive content. However, it might be safe to say that all the arcade updates will be included or patched in the PS4 version. With that being said, here are three places in the franchise universe that would make great stages in “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.”

Balamb Garden

Balamb Garden appeared in the eighth game and has become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the series history.

This establishment acts as a school and dorm for students who are studying to becomes SeeDs– an elite military force. As an institute, Balamb Garden has plenty of facilities ranging from classrooms to training grounds. While the building itself boasts a wealth of amenities, it also serves as a mode of transportation later in the game. The protagonist and most of his friends also studied and worked there before they began their adventure. With its wide open spaces and numerous rooms, there’s no doubt that Balamb Garden would make for a perfect stage in “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.”


This small village is located next to a perilous mountain and contained one of the many mako reactors in the game.

While Nibelheim might seem peaceful, it holds many dark mysteries in the Shinra Manor which is one of the creepiest locations in the series. Because the manor was so close to the village, the whole location became the setting for the experiments known as the Jenova Project. Protagonists Cloud and Tifa grew up in Nibelheim as childhood friends until Sephiroth destroyed Nibelheim after losing his mind.

Such an iconic area in the series deserves a spot as a map in the upcoming fighting game.


This beautiful city in “Final Fantasy XV” is the capital of Accordo and is known for its stunning waterfalls and canals. The city is filled with life as residents and tourists roam the city streets filled with cafes, market places, and parks.

The area itself is so large that you would need to ride a gondola to explore the entire city. Altissia is a key location in the game as Noctis and his crew arrive here in Chapter 9 to meet with Lunafreya. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when she summons Leviathan and the city is left in ruins. Boasting such grandeur and elegance, Altissia would be a visual masterpiece in “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.”