Doomfist is the newest playable character to join "Overwatch" and brings along a wealth of new mechanics and lore to the game. Aside from being one of Talon’s most prominent members, Doomfist is also one of the few heroes who rely on physical attacks. Here are five fast facts to get you up to speed about the “Overwatch” character.

He’s one of Talon’s leaders

Along with the addition of Doomfist, Blizzard revealed that the terrorist group known as Talon has more than one leaders. So far, we’ve met three characters working for the organization: Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra.

It seems like Doomfist is one of the council members along with ex-Blackwatch agent, Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper. Judging by the latest comic, it seems like this gauntlet-wielding villain is planning to shake up the world’s newly found peace.

His kit revolves around physical skills

The new hero is special in a sense that he’s like a fighting game character brought into a first-person shooter. Doomfist’s skills involve moving enemies within his range and punching them damage. While he might have a hand cannon as his primary fire, it’s best used when all of his skills are on cooldown.

He’s the heir to a prosthetic-technology company

Akande Ogundimu aka Doomfist well born into a well-regarded Nigerian family whose business deals with prosthetic-technology.

He managed to expand his family’s business with his natural charisma and intelligence while practicing his passion in martial arts. In line with this, he’s also knowledgeable in various African fighting styles like Gidigbo and Dambe along with other various wrestling skills.

He lost his real arm

Like with all characters in “Overwatch,” Doomfist also suffered heavy losses during the dreaded Omnic Crisis: his arm.

Because of this, his career in martial arts was ruined even before he reached his prime. To compensate for his loss, Akande turned to prosthetics which made him stronger but also made him ineligible for competitions. Later in life, the second Doomfist known as Akinjide Adeyemi offered him a position as a mercenary, and eventually, a spot in Talon.

He believes conflict will save the human race

Akande has his own ideals that he believes will help the human race. In his perspective, he thinks that conflict will help humans grow stronger as only the powerful deserve to survive. Taking this to heart, he is using Talon to help bring his ideals to life by starting yet another war.