The wait for the much-anticipated action-adventure video game, "Grand Theft Auto 6" continues. Unfortunately, there is still no news from the game developer, Rockstar Games, about any probable release date.

Recently, fans got excited when stunt actor, Tim Neff, listed a credit for "GTA 6" motion capture work online. Unfortunately, the news was completely false. In fact, Neff confirmed that the online resume circulating around the web does not belong to him. He also apologized for the confusion.

'GTA 6' release date

Previously it was speculated that “Grand Theft Auto 6” would most probably get a 2020 release date.

The game developer has usually maintained a four or five year’s gap between releases. "GTA: San Andreas" was rolled out in 2004, "GTA 4" was released in 2008 and "GTA 5" was launched in 2013. If the same release time frame is followed then there are high chances that "GTA 6" might be out in 2020. However, now, new reports are hinting that the game may arrive as late as 2024.

Possible reasons behind the delay in release

It is assumed that the delay in game’s release could be because of three reasons. The first could be the equally anticipated "Red Dead Redemption 2." Rockstar Games is currently working on developing "Red Dead Redemption 2" which is due for release in Spring 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game was initially scheduled for launch in the fall of 2017. It might be that the developer does not want to deviate its focus from the game.

The second reason behind the delay could be virtual reality support. It is rumored that the upcoming GTA installment will be VR (virtual reality) compatible. So, it might be that the developers are taking their own time to make sure that the game meets gamers’ expectations in terms of visual experience.

Another probable reason could be that Rockstar Games wants to release “Grand Theft Auto 6” only after the next generation consoles i.e. Microsoft Project Scorpio aka Xbox One X and the Sony PlayStation 5 gets rolled out in the market. Xbox One X is likely to get a November 2017 release date, while the PlayStation 5 is expected to get launched sometime in 2020.

It is also rumored that the upcoming gaming title could be the first in the GTA series to get a female protagonist.

Rockstar Games is yet to officially announce anything about “Grand Theft Auto 6” release date, story line or location. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.