Overwatch” has a unique cast of playable characters that all have their own set of skills and abilities. Blizzard has made “classes” which categorizes the Heroes based on their role. Characters like Soldier: 76 and McCree fall under Offense while Mercy and Lucio are labeled as Support. However, there are several instances when some heroes are a Hybrid” class because of their mixed abilities.

For example, Zenyatta can heal which makes him a support, yet he can also deal major damage with his attack and discord orb. Similarly, Sombra might be labeled as Offense, but she can hack health packs and debuff enemies which make her an off Support hero.

With that in mind, here are some hybrid hero concepts we’d like to see in “Overwatch.”


While Support characters specialize in healing, characters under Defense are best used when it comes to defending a point. While "Overwatch" Symmetra already falls under this category, we still don’t have a solid Defense/Support hybrid that can heal heroes. After Doomfist’s announcement, the game is in desperate need of either a Defense or Support hero that can counter the dive meta. If Blizzard ever plans on making one, this character could focus on area denial by setting up barriers that can keep enemies away. Similarly, he/she could also have a gadget that can be deployed which heals allies in a certain radius.


While Doomfist is a hybrid of Offense and Tank, we still haven’t gotten an "Overwatch" hero that combines both Offense and Defense. As an Offense hero, these characters should specialize in taking down enemies with their main weapon. To mix things up, he could have some sort of personal shield that he can hide behind.

Similarly, he could also have some kind of ability like a smokescreen that can blind his foes. When thrown, this smoke screen can fill a small area with smoke for a few seconds that can blind any enemies that pass through it.


The "Overwatch" Support heroes we have so far are extremely squishy and are often that target of DPS characters.

If a team doesn’t defend their support hero, they won’t be able to heal their allies. In line with this, Blizzard could make some kind of Tank hero that can soak up some damage while having some skills that can heal allies. This potential hero could be similar to someone like Lt. Morales from “Heroes of the Storm” who can solo heal an ally and also take damage because of her Safeguard skill.