Blizzard tries their best to patch whatever bugs or glitches they stumble upon in “Overwatch.” The process of trying to debug this certain type of game requires a lot of time and effort, but Blizzard prioritizes severe glitches that can affect a match or the playability of a character. In line with this, one Redditor has discovered a bug in a certain map that “eats” projectiles. The netizen uploaded a clip on YouTube showing that Mei’s ult was “eaten” by the floor just as she threw it.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar bug

Redditor Havannaz discovered a major glitch during one of their matches in "Watchpoint: Gibraltar." During the final point of the map, the netizen used Mei’s ultimate ability, which should have landed on the ground and begin freezing everything in a wide radius.

Instead, her robot seemed to slip through an unseen “hole” in the map which basically rendered her ability useless.

After the match, Havannaz decided to do a little investigating and discovered that this “hole” lies between the two black pipes near the payload’s destination. The player even switched to Tracer and threw a pulse bomb at the same exact location which was also “eaten” up instead of detonating.

Other Redditors decided to do their own tests and stumbled across the same thing as one netizen mentioned that other items like Soldier’s biotic field, Orisa’s shield, Junkrat’s concussion mine, Torb’s armor packs, and even Widow's venom mine all fell through the map. While the unseen hole itself is pretty small itself, (Winston’s barrier nor Sombra’s translocator will not slide through the pipes) it’s still a critical issue that Blizzard needs to fix.

Other glitches in the past

Aside from the Watchpoint: Gibraltar bug, other notable “Overwatch” glitches included giving Genji “unlimited” ultimate use by spamming his wall climbing ability. Similarly, PVP Live shares that Mei also had her own glitch as her primary fire and ultimate ability lost their “slow” effect which made it hard to pin down targets.

Another infamous bug involves Sombra’s translocator wherein her hit box would still remain during mid-teleportation. Because of this, there have been plenty of moments when Sombra players would die just as they left a certain point on the map. Despite all of this, Blizzard still managed to fix them all and they’ll do the same for the “Overwatch” Watchpoint: Gibraltar bug. For now, fans will have to wait for more information to when they will patch the glitch.