In “Overwatch,” Doomfist has just gotten his own set of cosmetics on the PTR after a week after Blizzard revealed the new offense hero. These skins usually reveal more about the character’s backstory or lore and Blizzard has tied in some Nigerian origins to his costumes. The rest of his cosmetics, on the other hand, reference some cool stuff from pop culture and the world of “Overwatch.” With that being said, let’s take a closer look at what Doomfist’s skins, sprays, and the like really symbolize.

Cultural representation through “Overwatch” skins

According to Polygon, a Twitter thread from Andrien Gbingie provided some insight on some of the inspirations for Doomfist’s costumes. To begin with, his two legendary skins were based on spirits that reflect the gods of the Yoruba religion known as orishas. These orishas have their own color schemes which stand for their personal symbols and colors that are important to their faith.

In line with this, the same concept is also applied to Doomfist’s two skins, the “Avatar” and “Spirit” skins.The red Avatar skin stands for being harsh and quick-tempered which is a sharp contrast to the blue Spirit skin which represents the more gentle and compassionate spirits.

While Blizzard doesn’t explain these things in the game, it’s still a nice to know that they took the time to put these concepts in “Overwatch,” which is famous for its diversity.

Other references

Doomfist also has some other cosmetic items that reference some pretty cool things too. The Offense hero has one spray which alludes to a certain famous photo from the boxer Muhammad Ali, as per another Polygon report.

Similarly, another spray shows off a set of arrows commands which are very similar to combo controls in fighting games. Many have claimed that Doomfist is a unique hero in a sense that his kit plays out similarly to a fighting game character in a first-person shooter game. The new hero also has another spray which refers to the famous “punch kid” who was featured in the game’s reveal trailer.

Doomfist is the latest hero to join the growing “Overwatch” roster and is placed under the Offense class. His playstyle mainly revolves using his Rocket Punch to send enemies flying and crashing into a wall. Since he’s a very “in your face” type of hero, Blizzard has given him a passive skill that grants him a temporary barrier whenever he lands a successful hit. There’s still no word on when he’ll finally hit the live servers, but PC players can try him out now on the PTR.