Just recently, Blizzard released the latest “Overwatch” video and several players have noticed unfamiliar weapons. The latest preview sparked speculations among fans who are now speculating if Blizzard is planning to introduce new weapons. Others are claiming the possibility of the game developer releasing skins for guns.

Latest leaks

On Reddit, a user by the name good_samartian pointed out a couple of weapons that the Redditor finds unfamiliar. The user linked its latest discovery to the hero’s preview that Blizzard recently released. Another weapon that looks unusual is that of Soldier 76.

In the video, the weapon that was shown is clearly not the same weapon that is associated with the hero’s classic gun. Looking closely, it seems like there are two prongs and coils on the end of the muzzle. While these are unusual, there is a great chance that the weapons are just duplicates or an early build of the game that was not introduced.

However, good_samaritan’s observation was further supported by other Redditors who also pointed out other weapons that do not look like the usual players use in the game. Redditor Nyxxic pointed out that Sombra is using a weapon that does not clearly reflect her skin. The usual skin of the hero’s weapon is purple. While she has two green weapons, neither of which was shown in the behind-the-scenes video.

Weapon skins?

Players are somewhat thrilled about the likelihood of customizing their in-game weapons. It is worth noting that in “Overwatch” the only option for weapon customization is by changing it to gold. This, however, can only be acquired if the player has enough credits to afford it. Those who do not have just need to settle to the skins provided for the hero’s weapon at launch.

So far, it is too early to get excited. Blizzard has not yet made any comment about the latest speculations about weapon skins. The weapons shown could just be mockups that were used in the development of the game. If ever Blizzard is really going to introduce the weapon customization option, it would be a very welcome change to the community.

Most likely, they could adopt the system used by “Counter Strike: Global Operatives.” While players, so far, find the golden guns interesting, offering them more options could be great.

Meanwhile, you can find below the Hero’s Preview that was released by Blizzard for Doomfist last July 18. You can see for yourself what these players have observed. For more updates about your favorite game, “Overwatch,” you can visit the gaming section of Blasting News.