Telltale Games has recently revealed a new update video that showcased updates for several game titles like “Batman,” “The Walking Dead,” and “The Wolf Among Us.”

New video ahead of event

Community Media Manager Caroline Liddick and host Ryann Weller from Telltale Games have revealed a new video, which can be viewed down below, ahead of the San Diego Comic Con 2017. The “Summer 2017 Update” video showcased several video games that will have their own sequels. These three titles are “Batman: The Enemy Within,” “The Wolf Among Us” for its second season, and “The Walking Dead: The Final Season.”

‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ details

This coming August, Telltale Games will be launching the next part of their version of "Batman" and it will tell their own unique story of the Dark Knight.

Voice actor Troy Baker revealed that there will be a new villain in this new sequel, which will be the Riddler. The guys behind the game also revealed that this will have five episodes and the first one, "The Enigma," will be launched on Aug. 8.

The ones interviewed noted that this game focused more on Batman and Bruce Wayne more with gameplay on both characters, compared to other games that focused on the caped crusader only. The game developers revealed that the game will be launched on the Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac. They also revealed that it will be coming to the mobile platforms, Android and iOS, soon this year.

‘The Walking Dead: The Final Season’ details

The next part of the video showed their next announcement, which was about the final season of “The Walking Dead” Telltale version.

The main protagonist Clementine's voice actress, Melissa Hutchison, talked about the depth of her character, and her experiences in the development of the different seasons of the game. She thanked the fans and promised that this will be an amazing experience for those who will play it.

The game's release date window is in 2018, and it will be available on all available platforms and on mobile.

They also teased that there might be additional platforms that this game will launch on soon.

‘The Wolf Among Us’ Second Season details

The last part of the update video showed the cast and crew of "The Wolf Among Us" reading mean and rude tweets from the fans who demanded where the second season is. Bigby Wolf voice actor Adam Harrington finally confirmed that after three years of annoying him, there will be a second season for this popular game.

It is still under development, for now, but they revealed that it will have a new story arc and the whole cast will be coming back again.

Just the same as the other game titles that were announced, this game will also be released on all platforms,including mobile platforms. They also teased that more platforms to be added soon. Telltale Games clarified that the second season will be a standalone game and it will not need the first season to work.

Check out the Telltale Games: Summer 2017 Update video below: