The first “Destiny” video game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was a solid title, and the same is expected with the sequel, “Destiny 2.” The game is only two months away and already the developer, Bungie, seems very confident in what it has to offer.

One of the many problems fans had with the first game in the series was the lack of quality storytelling. For a company that made a name for itself with the “Halo” franchise, it was surprising to find out the newest game lacked this essential element.

Destiny 2 will have stories galore

Senior Narrative Lead for Destiny 2, Jason Harris, and Cinematic Led Matthew Ward spoke with IGN in an interview where they spoke highly of the story content in the game.

According to both men, the aim is to overwhelm players with story related content. In fact, they want players to complain about having too much story in the game, a promise many will never forget.

Now, Bungie did flesh out the story using DLC, but it wasn’t efficient since the bulk of the story was told using Grimoire cards. Sadly, players were not able to read these cards within the game, so they pointless to begin with.

The end of Grimoire cards storytelling

Bungie made it clear that the Grimoire cards are not returning for “Destiny 2,” a move that should excite fans a great deal. Each story element will be told within the game’s world, and we suspect DLC is a part of this.

Now, fans shouldn’t go into the new game expecting the same level of content and scope as the first.

Destiny” has gotten several DLCs since it came on the scene, and there’s no way for “Destiny 2” to launch with the same or more content.

It nearly three years for “Destiny” to reach where it is today, henceforth, “Destiny 2” will likely take the same amount of time for it to have as many or more contents.

One thing is for certain, Bungie now has a broad idea of what it wants to do with the Destiny franchise.

Fans of the original game should now expect a more rounded title in “Destiny 2” going forward.

What of the new story?

From what we have seen from the trailers and at E3 2017, our heroes must jump from different planets as they aim to unite against a new threat. Nothing much is known about the villain, but as the story progresses, players will definitely find out what’s going on.

Additionally, “Destiny 2’s” public beta is coming soon for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After that, all content is set to come first to the PlayStation 4 due to an exclusivity deal with Sony and publisher, Activision Blizzard.

Some content may never hit the Xbox One and PC, but players on those platforms shouldn’t worry because they’ll have several shooters to choose from before the end of 2017.