It’s no longer a secret to the fans that the next installment of Bioware’s multi-awarded franchise in the form of Dragon Age 4” is confirmed to be currently in development. But while the release date looks far way off at this point, fans have started speculating what will transpire in the fourth game and who are the possible returning characters as the saga continues.

Sequel officially in the works

“Dragon Age 4” was first confirmed to be underway when Bioware creative writer Alexis Kennedy confirmed the game’s development in an interview with Eurogamer last May.

Kennedy added that the studio had granted him an autonomy in exploring a storyline of the lore that has not been touched on yet in the past three titles.

He further noted that he is now working along with Game Director Mike Laidlaw and Lead Writer Patrick Weekes on the next Dragon Age project.

In June, Laidlaw also backed what Kennedy initially said in the interview and confirmed that indeed, “Dragon Age” something is officially in the works.

First tease

To recall, the first tease of the fourth game emerged from an Instagram post of voice actress, Alix Wilton Regan, who acted in the last DA title. Regan sent the fans into a frenzy when she snapped a photo of herself in a recording studio.

The intriguing part of the post was when she captioned the photo saying that she’s back in the studio and breaking worlds apart and that she’s an incredibly angry hashtag “elf.”

Fans took it as a hint that she will return for her role as Elven Inquisitor.

The voice actress had to clarify the said confusion, and she wasn't teasing anything. But now, it is deemed to be true after all.

Cullen as playable character

An interesting fan theory has supposed that if "Dragon Age 4' will pick up from the events that happened in the third game, it will be chaotic. It will center around the major civil war in the fantasy world among Solas with his elves, Qunaris, and the Templars vs.

the mages.

But amid the war, there will be one character who will play a major role in stopping the end of the world - Cullen. To recall, Cullen is a warrior that appeared in all three games as a non-Playable Character.

But it's possible that things will change in the next game, and Cullen will finally become a playable character.

He might be called upon as companion to the main protagonist in a quest to save the world from an imminent destruction.

Latest reports say that the "Dragon Age 4" will be ready for a debut in 2018, perhaps at the prestigious E3 2018. So it's just a matter of time before fans will see a sneak peek at Bioware's next AAA game.