Bungie this week released some new Details about "Destiny 2" enemies, main characters, and events leading up to the big release day of the sequel. Developer Bungie has just revealed huge story details ahead of the sequel's gameplay live stream on May 18 and the September official launch date. In doing this, the developer has released new artwork and fresh information about "Destiny 2," which includes important information about 'The Vanguard," the attack on the Tower, Ikora Rey and lastly, Commander Zavala. Additionally, there's also some new details about the threat of the much-feared and bigger Red Legion.

Bungie Fans will be able to expect more about the new game's story and characters in the upcoming May 18 gameplay live stream.

Destiny 2: the sequel

First mentioned in November 2014 by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, "Destiny 2" is Bungie’s upcoming online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game. The sequel to the 2014’s original Destiny game that has been developed by Bungie and published by Activision on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. The game is set one year after the great events of "Destiny: Rise of Iron." Ghaul, the leader of the Red Legion faction of the Cabal, has led a vast army of Cabal in attacking 'The Last City' with overwhelming forces. Unfortunately, The Guardians' have lost that battle and have been stripped of their powers and forced to flee the Tower.

To beat Ghaul and his Red Legion army, The Guardians must acquire new powers. They also need to venture to a new world.

Bungie's newest first-person shooter game, which is also the first time that the franchise will be made available to PC gamers, is set to be released this coming September 8, 2017, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Other important 'Destiny 2' announcements

In other Bungie-related stories, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg teased that 'meaningful features' will come to the PC version once the sequel launches on the market. According to Hirshberg, the upcoming "Destiny 2" will impress PC gamers. The CEO said that gamers will see more details on PC features during the game's highlight showcase this coming May 18.

Hirshberg also added that players can expect some additional and exciting announcements about the game in the coming days.

The CEO made the huge announcement during the recent company’s Q1 2017 earnings conference call. Hirshberg may have only discussed a little about the PC version of the game during the studio’s conference call, but the CEO made a huge claim that it’s committed to delivering meaningful features to the PC version of the game.

Bungie has already confirmed to the gaming world that the PC version will launch on the same day as its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts. The studio is currently focusing on the PC version, looking to grow the "Destiny" IP beyond its previously console-imposed limitations.

The "Destiny" franchise has already reached the 30 million registered players on PlayStation 4 and #Xbox One gaming consoles. And today, Bungie is trying to bring that success on the PC version of the new first-person shooter game.