Destiny 2” is shaping to be the perfect sequel to the original game, and it should be, as this is exactly what developer Bungie wants players to think. With the impending release of the game, the studio has been generous in releasing more details. This time around, the developers talked about the relation between the first and upcoming title.

According to GameTechLab, “Destiny 2” will arrive with various improvements and new features, all developed to provide a better gameplay experience compared to the original game. However, Bungie iterated that despite the changes, the follow-up title will stay faithful to its roots.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Remaining true to the roots

The sequel is slated for release this summer on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though PC users will have to wait a few more days. Currently, the beta testing phase is already confirmed and is set to provide players with early access to some of the game’s contents and features. However, the said period is only applicable to players who pre-ordered the game. They will be provided with a code, depending on which retailer they pre-ordered, to gain access.

Interestingly, Bungie’s very own executive producer David Allen reassured the fans that “Destiny 2” will arrive with the most exciting changes. But despite these, the sequel will remain faithful to its roots.

It will continue to provide the perfect experience players felt from the previous game. Regardless of how interesting it sounds, Allen did not further elaborate how this experience will go in the follow-up game.

The consistency between the titles

Allen also explained that some core elements of the original game will still be part of “Destiny 2,” though some, if not all of them, will either be improved or changed.

“It’s a shooter, and we want to keep it a great shooter,” the executive produced exclaimed. He went to describe how the anticipated game will allow players to build their characters and interact with other players in-game at a compelling “social level.” Allen further explained that this level of interaction would be the same in all aspects, such as raids, competitive or standard game world.

As for the changes, one of the most noticeable would be the Clan system in “Destiny 2.” This is a revamped system of the game’s Group feature, which works like a guild system. The Clan system, however, will allow players to call upon non-members to join high-level endgame content such as raids. It is worth noting that this functionality was not present in “Destiny 1.”