New details have been coming in with the reveal of “Star Wars Battlefront 2” Open Beta information. One of the significant features is that players can join in the battle that was shown E3 2017 just recently.

Open Beta coming soon

Game publisher EA has recently revealed that their upcoming video game will have an Open Beta phase, which will be launched this coming Oct. 6 until Oct. 9. Buyers who have pre-ordered the video game earlier will get the chance to play the Open Beta test two days before it launches, which is a real advantage for them.

Galactic Assault on Naboo details

In the Galactic Assault on Naboo, which was featured at E3 2017, players will be able to join the Separatist droid army, or they can join just the Republic Clones. The first army will be assaulting the city with their weapons and a large vehicle that they have to protect. The latter will have to protect the area and try to stop the vehicle in its tracks before it destroys the defenses of the palace.

This multiplayer battle will have 40 players, which is rather large compared to the previous “Star Wars Battlefront.” Players will be able to choose four different types of trooper classes in the Open Beta like the Assault Troopers and the Heavy troopers. The Assault Troopers can do the flanking against enemies, and they can make the battle move forward, while the Heavy troopers carry the big guns and they can also use personal body shields to protect the other troops.

Players can also choose other units like the Officers, which could give powerups to the other players on their team, and they can also setup the remote weapons for support. The Specialists can be a critical unit to use with their traps, and they can also snipe out the enemies. There are also the heroes from the franchise, “Star Wars,” and some cool vehicles and ships to ride around.

Starfighter Assault for multiplayer also teased

EA also teased that they will be releasing all the details soon for a Starfighter Assault feature. They will not share more information about the upcoming feature, but they said it would be set in the original trilogy timeline, and players will be able to pilot different kinds of ships in a stage with objectives and have different phases.

Fans of "Star Wars Battlefront" and the franchise are now excited for more details of the upcoming "Star Wars Battlefront 2." The game publisher promised that they would be revealing more information soon for this feature at Gamescom.

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