When “Destiny 2” was announced, many doubted its potential to become a strong iteration. Players suggest that the sequel, in one way or other, would flop. Perhaps these arguments were based on the initial details developer Bungie released, thus the reactions from the community.

According to PVP Live, the studio’s very own senior narrative and cinematic lead, Jason Harris, and Matthew Ward, respectively, shared some important details about “Destiny 2” and its brand new storyline. In the past, the developers were not generous in elaborating the new story arc, leaving fans in limbo.

This time around, though, there is more juice to squeeze.

The main focus of the sequel’s expanded story

Bungie previously revealed that one of the biggest changes in the follow-up game is its expanded narrative, not just its overall gameplay experience. However, this change is said to pull players into a unique universe that stirs their interest. Harris and Ward reportedly elaborated what the studio meant by the unique universe and everything in-between. After all, players are dying to get a concrete idea about these areas.

The two explained that the story in the original is far more important compared to the story in “Destiny 2,” as it acts as the very foundation of the series’ story. “It was meant to set up the world and [have you] ask a lot of questions,” Ward said.

The only catch, however, is that the first game does not necessarily answer these questions. This was meant in order to give the sequel an important role, which should be enough to give players something to build upon.

Introducing The Traveler

The Traveler is perhaps very well-known within the community, but the first game tried not to give away too much about it.

Sure, the writers were generous enough in explaining its core existence and its very place on the face of the Earth; however, they still kept mostly everything about it under wraps. In fact, Ward admitted that none of the previous DLCs gave focus on it. Interestingly, Bungie will be introducing The Traveler once again in “Destiny 2,” but this time around, “a little bit more” about it will be discussed.

Harris, on the other hand, explained that the studio spent a great amount of time in building the world of “Destiny 2.” He even assured the fans that they are all ready to convey more stories in this world. “Big, expansive and cinematic stories,” he added. Bungie is indeed applying the lessons they have learned from the first game, which was criticized for not having more compelling expansions. In the sequel, the community hopes to have this void filled.