Blizzard rolled out a new set of changes in “Overwatch.” This was noticed earlier by several players who have discovered a 500 MB update on their game’s build. The latest update rolled out several fixes and changes in the game. Interestingly, prior to the release of this update, some players reported changes to the game’s latest hero, Doomfist.

Latest Doomfist changes

Doomfist was revealed by Game Director Jeff Kaplan’s Developer Update. He then went live on the game’s PTR. A few days after, with players getting their hands on one of the game’s most powerful offense hero, some of them reported noticeable changes they have seen on Doomfist.

Blizzard has nerfed the hero’s Rocket Punch. Originally, this ability initially propelled the hero forward for 30 meters. Recently, players reported that his Rocket Punch only travels around 20 meters. It is possible that the game developer will make more changes with the hero before it is finally released.

Latest update

On July 11, Blizzard rolled out another game update and released the official notes. The update is now live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Among the content of the latest game update includes addressing the bug that caused several players to unable to hear anything during a match. This has been a growing concern among players and was even reported by several gaming sites. The latest update also fixed a bug that caused the sound effects (vacuum of space) to persistently play in the background from the Horizon Lunar Colony menu even players already selected a different menu.

Aside from several and minor fixes, the latest update also addressed Pharah’s voice line. Players have reported that her voice line quipping that she is the rocket queen has been previously playing incorrectly. Orisa’s ultimate was also fixed. Previously, the tank was charging even if her Supercharger was already deployed.

Fans have been speculating that the next update could contain details about the highly anticipated Summer Games 2017.

The official release of Doomfist was still unknown. The patch 1.13 currently live on PTR is expected to roll out along with the improvements in the game’s loot box. Aside from that, highlight system is also expected to be with the upcoming patch.

Meanwhile, fans are still talking about the game’s latest hero, Doomfist. While many are pleased with the latest powerful hero, there are some who are discovering ways on how to counter him.

It appears that the only disappointment fans have towards Blizzard is about Doomfist not being voiced by Terry Crews.

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