The upcoming " Xbox One X" is believed to be one of the most influential gaming consoles. Microsoft has managed to keep their product compact and at the same time persuasive. The project was previously known as the "XBox Scorpio," and Microsoft, later on, changed it to "XBox One X."

When compared to its previous models, the "XBox One X," will be smaller with a simple hardware design. A recent report stated that the gameplay review certainly makes the "XBox One X" the most dominant machine for gamers. The console will be priced at $499, and it will be all set to start shipping on November 4

Attractive console features and specs

As we all know it, this model appears to be sleek with a normal black design.

Microsoft had concentrated more on the quality of the product, rather than bringing on an outer appearance. Looking at the specifications and technology, the "XBox One X" is one of the most advanced models from Microsoft, and the best part is that the console is adaptable with all the games that are released and yet to be released.

The "XBox One X" will arrive with a 6 teraflop GPU, which runs at 1172 MHz, and it will also have a paired 12 GB GDDR5. The console will be much better than the "XBox One S" because it has an additional custom 2.3 GHz CPU.

XBox One X to beat PlayStation 4 Pro

"Playstation 4 Pro" has been penetrating and capturing the market ever since its release. Gamers have given high ratings for the Sony's console due to its specs and great visuals.

However, Microsoft's product is believed to beat the "PlayStation 4" Pro in style. The "XBox One X" has an enhanced processing power for smoother FPS and overall increased rendering performance. According to Tech Crunch, the visuals are excellent, but the best of the product will be experienced only on a 4k television.

The "PlayStation 4 Pro" has only a 4.2 teraflop GPU and 911 MHz CPU, whereas the "XBox One X" will also include a UHD Blue-ray player.

It supports Dolby Atoms surround sound as well as HDR lighting effects. The games are said to load faster since everything has an improved accuracy. Another plus for gamers is that they get free upgrades for many game titles.

Based on the graphics gamers need to make sure their hardware is already 4k, this is the only way to reap all the benefits of the console. Microsoft has taken its time to bring full capacity and the potential for their product, there will be more titles for the "XBox One X," but the "XBox One" will not have any further exclusive titles.