Overwatch” has recently wrapped up the Anniversary event. While the Horizon Lunar Colony map is still on the PTR, more details about the Patch 1.12 were revealed. Among these details, a fix to Reinhart's hammer is included.

Issues on the hammer

There were several issues in the game that surfaced a few days ago. When the Anniversary patch was rolled out numerous players noticed changes on Reinhardt's hammer. These included a very slow response rate. Some players pointed out that the hammer was heavily lagging because of the ping. There are some others who said that it is not responding when used in the middle of the fight.

According to Bill Warnecke, Lead Software Engineer of Blizzard Entertainment, the fix for Reinhart's hammer is coming. It will be released along with “Overwatch” patch 1.12. He also said that the team will monitor feedback as soon as players get their hands on the character when the patch rolls in.

Other fixes

Aside from Reinhart, there are other characters in the game that will receive fixes and changes with the upcoming patch. This includes Reaper’s vampiric mechanical changes. In addition, Roadhog will have a more consistent damage spray-down in exchange for one-shot-kills. Aside from those, players using McCree will be delighted that the character will be buffed to his ult making it less insignificant to dodge.

Moreover, Deadeye’s target when the patch is released will begin locking on after 0.2 seconds as compared to its previous 0.8 seconds start time. Aside from that, the damage amassed during the first 1.0 second is increased to 80 from the previous 20. While his damage after 1.0 second stayed the same. The upcoming “Overwatch” patch 1.12 will also bring Officer D.Va and Oni Genji into classic loot boxes.

Patch 1.12 is expected to be released on June 20. Until that time, the issue with Reinhart's hammer will stay.

Horizon Lunar Colony map

Horizon Lunar Colony map is the next map that will be released in the game, which is currently on the PTR. There are several reports that it will be released along with the upcoming patch. This assault map located on the moon used to be the project of Lijiang Interstellar to study the effects of prolonged habitation outside of Earth.

The experiment got out of hand when the test subjects staged an uprising and killed all the scientists. Currently, Blizzard has not made a statement about this.

We will keep you posted about the most recent updates on “Overwatch” as soon as we get more information.