The Electronics Entertainment Expo, generally known by the abbreviated form E3, is traditionally held every year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The event allows world leaders in technology to unveil their latest offerings.

This year has been remarkable with the launch of Microsoft’s latest gaming console, the Xbox One X. Priced at $499, this new version is a more powerful version than the previous offering in the line-up, the Xbox One. The system runs games at 60 frames per second (fps) and is the most powerful gaming system ever made. Gaming enthusiasts all over the world are ecstatic with this new launch from Microsoft and it is a matter of time to see if it can really match the hype or not.

Advantages of the Xbox One X over the PS4 Pro

The main competitor in this category is Sony’s Ps4 Pro that was launched in November 2016. However, there are few advantages of Xbox One X over the PS4 Pro that are listed below:

  • The Xbox One X has a RAM of twelve gigabytes as compared to PS4 Pro’s 8 gigabytes.
  • The Xbox One X boasts of 6 teraflops of graphics processing power compared to PS4 Pro’s 4.12.
  • Xbox One X is able to play 4K ultra-HD Blu-ray discs that are not supported in PS4 Pro.
  • Xbox One X has 1 TB of storage and games which were compatible on Xbox one will still work so we need not purchase them again.

With a better memory and processing speed, the new Xbox One X is certainly more advanced than the PS4 Pro in terms of configuration.

Few challenges to face on the path of excellence

Despite all the hype and excitement, speculations are high among gaming industry experts about the functionalities of this new version. The prime concern is that the new console is compatible with all the existing games of the Xbox One and the device has the capacity to scale up these games for 4K viewing.

Not a single new title was introduced along with the new console to grow interested among hardcore gamers. Also, the console seems to be tailored toward adult gamers and not the younger generation. Only the “Super Lucky’s Tale” game is categorically made for younger gamers. Another disadvantage is that Microsoft geared up to launch this new console with Virtual Reality (VR) applications in mind but, in reality, they didn’t launch a single VR title with the new Xbox One X. This was certainly not expected from Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox. If they are really trying to eat up the market share of Sony then they still have a long way to go.