Whether you are new to "Overwatch" or not, you should have heard about dive composition. Well, if not, let me explain it. In its most organic form, this composition relies on high mobility characters such as Genji, Winston and Tracers, to name a few. Interestingly, this is become a trend in the game now.

I have been playing “Overwatch” since last year, but I never thought that dive composition will become a thing. I mean, I have heard and seen it in play, but I did not expect it to become a new meta. Because really, almost all players in all tier levels are using it now.

So what exactly is this and how does it work?

What dive composition is

As mentioned, dive composition makes use of highly mobile heroes in the game. They are used to literally dive into the enemy’s territory and eliminate high-valued characters. For instance, a hero perfect for this composition is Winston. He has the Jump Pack ability, which should allow him to leap forward and kill the opposing team’s support and/or DPS characters. This could be Mercy, Soldier: 76, Ana and Hanzo, among others.

From what I have observed, the composition is perfect for “Overwatch” players who can play aggressively and smartly. Aggressively in a sense that they know which part of the map they can go in. Basically, they have the guts to dive in and make war.

I saw some players who used Winston, but their timing was just off. This is where smartness plays a significant role. Basically, one must know when the right time to dive. For instance, if you see the opposing team’s Mercy open and undefended, go ahead and leap towards her. Sure, her teammates will come after you, but their retaliation will be late.

The pros and cons

Of course, like any other composition in “Overwatch,” the dive comp also has its own pros and cons. For pros: basically, the winning percentage is high, as it can work effectively on surprising the enemy’s line of defense. In addition, it allows the team to win the match quickly. This is quite useful on maps where time is of an essence.

As for its cons, it actually depends on the user or player.

Dive comps work so well in high level tiers because players there understand how to apply the strategy in “Overwatch.” Some players, however, simply lack this knowledge. If you do not know how to read a situation, dive composition will not work for you. For example, you know that Hanzo is trying to fend off each of your teammate; so instead of allowing him to do that, go ahead and dive towards him. But of course, you also need to know when to move back. The success of dive comps depends on how well you can read situations.