Capcom’s “Street Fighter V” has already been available for more than a year and Fighting Game fans have been vocal about their opinions. Ever since the “Street Fighter” tournament scene shifted from “Ultra Street Fighter IV” to the latest sequel, many top-rank players reportedly lost their footing and had a hard time climbing their way back to the top spot. Gamers should note that this is also the first time a “Street Fighter” game released simultaneously worldwide. Previously, the beloved fighting game series always gave Japan a head start when it comes to their launch date, which usually puts Japanese players on a distinct advantage over their counterparts from other parts of the globe.

Rumors have cropped out detailing that the developer might be preparing a “Super Street Fighter V” update that is speculated to address all of the major complaints about the current build of the game.

Casual players are important

The barebones launch of “Street Fighter V” obviously turned off a lot of gamers with its lack of substance. The game only presented players with a survival mode, training mode, local versus mode, trials, online versus options, and a somewhat lacking story prologue mode. The game’s cinematic story mode did not even become available until a few months after. Fans were vocal about the absence of a series staple, which is the arcade mode (the developer could have omitted the option since the game was never released for arcades).

Most industry experts believe that if Capcom does release a “Super Street Fighter V” version, it would be in the form of a free update for gamers who already own the original copy. It should be noted that the company made a lofty promise to fans that they will only need to own the original game, which will be supported until 2020.

However, the game’s current sales seem like a difficult bargain for the developer to uphold. Attracting casual players should be their top priority in order to salvage the fighting game series.

Server issues and input lag

Another glaring issue with the game is its notorious problem with its server updates. Most players understand the need for regular updates to address various bugs and to improve performance, but its downtime sometimes lasts for hours and it has evidently irked a lot of fans.

Gamers who do not have a local fighting game scene naturally depend on the online multiplayer to find matches with other players. Moreover, being unable to find opponents to play with online can be frustrating for the casual crowd, which is usually a common occurrence since Capcom periodically takes down their servers for whatever reasons.

Meanwhile, professional players have pointed out the 6.2 frames of input lag. It has been speculated that the publisher intentionally put it there to simulate the lag encountered during online matches. The professional scene has collectively complained that it should be reduced even further. Any input delay can greatly affect the outcome of a match among expert-level players.

Since the game is currently being supported by its professional gamers, the developers should consider a reduction to make everyone happy.

New characters, rebalances, and gameplay mechanics

The Season 2 DLC content for “Street Fighter V” has three more characters left to reveal. With the exception of Akuma, the rest of the new fighters added are all new characters appearing for the first time in the series. Fans obviously want more familiar faces so revisiting classic characters in a future update would rekindle fan’s interests.

Recent “Super Street Fighter V” speculations have indicated that Oro, Necro, Sagat, Sakura, C. Viper and the mysterious Q might make an appearance in the next major update.

New mechanics like selectable V-skills, V-triggers, and Critical Arts are also welcome changes.

Finally, introducing new content means that the entire cast will require a rebalance. The most recent balance patch apparently displeased a lot of notable players. Furthermore, some fans believe that damage reduction should also be considered. “Street Fighter V” is currently available for the PS4 and PC only.