Today, Supercell released the heavily speculated "clash of clans" May update, also known as Builder Base. While in the previous months, fans all over the world have been speculating that the company will introduce the Shipwreck in the game, the developer dropped this one today.

What is the new update about?

This latest "Clash of Clans" update introduces a whole new land that will refresh gamers in many ways. To be able to begin your Builder Base, you have to get your home village to Town Hall 4. After that, you need to rebuild the boat and sail to the other side.

This latest addition to the game works in a whole lot different way from the game that you are used to. In addition, it is important to note that the gold and elixir you amassed at your Builder Base cannot be used in your home village, however, you can use the gems in the home village. Moreover, this new base is ruled by different resources with brand new achievements.

Latest features

Among the fresh features rolled out with the latest update in "Clash of Clans" includes new buildings. One is the Clock Tower which powers up the speed of all the things in the builder base. Aside from that, there is also the Push Trap. This one disperses the attacking opponents in the course of your choice. Moreover, familiar buildings are given twists including the toggle between long range or fast attacks in the Archer Tower as well as the multi-barreled attack in the Multi Mortar.

Aside from the buildings and several tweaks on the old ones, new troops and several tweaks on familiar ones are also made. For the new troops, there is the Bomber who throws massive bombs that have the capacity to wipe out numerous buildings all at once. Cannon Cart is also added, which is a great defense laid down on four wheels and used in the frontline.

Older troops given new abilities includes the Power Punch of Boxer Giant whose first attack can create massive damage. In addition, the Sneaky Archer can now cloak for a brief amount of time. You can also have the new hero, which is the Master Builder. However, you can only get it after unlocking Builder Hall 5. This new hero has a Battle Machine, which is a mechanical monster that can be upgraded to level 5 to obtain the use of its electric hammer ability.

Aside from those, the Builder Base update in ''Clash of Clans" also introduces a fresh battle mode, which is the Versus Battle. In this mode, you will fight head-to-head against an opponent similar to Clan Wars. As each competitor attacks each other, only the one with the best attack wins.