If there is an upcoming title wrapped in mystery, it is none other than “Death Stranding.” The game was first revealed by the legendary Hideo Kojima (the father of the “Metal Gear” series) at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Ever since then fans could not help but wonder what the game is all about.

It holds true that some popular figures were part of the two trailers released for “Death Stranding.” First was “The Walking Dead’s” actor Norman Reedus, who was claimed to be the game’s main protagonist; and the other one was “Hannibal’s” Mads Mikkelsen, who helms the antagonist role.

Nevertheless, these two only added further confusion as to what the forthcoming title is really about.

Sony's president played it already

The very president of Sony Interactive America named Shawn Layden revealed that he himself has played the game already. While he did not provide any specific details, he assured the community that it is up and running. He did not also explain why the upcoming title was a no-show at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Layden even went to commend Hideo Kojima for the work he has done with the new game.

When talking about the influence of "Death Stranding" in the industry, Layden suggested that it is a revolutionary title in some ways. He even thanked Kojima for all the efforts in making this game a possibility, not just a CGI trailer released at last year's E3.

This somehow put all the rumors about the game being non-existent into rest.

The protagonist and antagonist

There are two most evident elements in “Death Stranding.” Norman Reedus, in particular, worked previously with Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro in a game called “Silent Hills.” Unfortunately, for some reasons, it was canceled.

Right from the start of the new game’s trailer, Reedus can be seen naked after regaining consciousness. Th, in particular, r is a mystery: why was he unconscious? Why was he naked? Seriously, what is this game all about? These are just among the few questions fans have about the game.

As for the antagonist, Mads Mikkelsen is set to be the voice and, obviously, motion tracker.

He is in fact deemed to be the only actor capable of playing Hideo Kojima’s villain in “Death Stranding.” Based on the trailer, Mads’ character emerged from darkness alongside his minions. Rumor has it that his character has the ability to control lifeless beings and is noticeable through the skull-like features of his minions.

Introducing the Decima Engine

Hideo Kojima reportedly spent two weeks traveling the world just to find a gaming engine capable of bringing “Death Stranding” to life. Later on, it was announced that Guerilla Games would lend a hand in developing the title through its Decima Engine. It is worth noting that this was the same engine used by Sony to bring “Horizon Zero Dawn” into reality.

Judging by the way it looks, it has the right elements to bring out the technical and aesthetic aspects of the game.

Others suggest that if Guerilla Games did not agree with Hideo Kojima, “Death Stranding” would not have been developed. Kojima reportedly said that if there is a game engine capable of bringing the structural system to the title, it should be the Decima Engine.