Being one of the best fighting titles of recent memory, it is only right for “Injustice 2” to have its own tournament. Besides, this was clearly among the goals of publisher Warner Bros. in the first place. Fortunately for the game, it acquired positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

In light of the ongoing success of the game, the company is set to introduce a forthcoming tournament dedicated solely for the fighting-themed game. It is called the “Injustice 2” Battleground Series, which is expected to become one of the biggest competitions in the scene.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What the tournament is all about

The tournament will have players across Canada battle in what appears to be regional competitions. They will go on an elimination process, with the winners having the chance to battle for the top prizes. They even have the opportunity to be seen in movie theaters across the country, as the game’s publisher plans to put the tournaments on the big screens.

Presented by EB Games, the “Injustice 2” Battleground Series will also be in partnership with Cineplex and World Gaming. These companies will help bring the best of the upcoming tournament across the Great White North. Fortunately, anyone can join the tournament, and it is for free.

However, in order for players to participate, they will have to own and/or use Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

Where it will all begin

The Nerd Stash reports that interested “Injustice 2” players can go straight to the official site of World Gaming for the registration. The online qualifier, in particular, is confirmed to have a total of 64 player tournaments.

Apparently, it will fall under a point-based format and is scheduled to run until July 9. These qualifiers will eventually circle to three distal elimination rounds, involving all seven regions of the country. Top players from each of these regions will reportedly move to stage two where they have the chance to win the head to head competitions.

The aforesaid competitions will be held at regional Cineplex movie theaters where “Injustice 2” participants will be seen on the big screens. Here, they will have the chance to earn whopping cash as rewards for their hard earned efforts. The first place winner will be receiving $600, with the second and third getting $300 and $100, respectively. It remains a mystery if Warner Bros. plans to bring the tournament in the United States, though it is very likely especially once it proves to be a success.