Blizzard has just recently released the new official map called "Horizon Lunar Colony" in “Overwatch.” An Assault map in its most organic form, it has a certain area that offers low gravity for a different kind of gameplay experience. Apparently, it has a number of secrets on it players would want to find out about.

The studio first introduced the aforementioned map via the Public Test Realm of “Overwatch.” This is basically a test server, which gives players early access to any forthcoming updates and/or contents. The map was brought there as a way for the video game company to acquire feedbacks and further improve it.

With its arrival to the official servers, the fans now have a new setting to enjoy and play the game.

The Horizon Lunar Colony telescope

In the map, players should be able to find a room in which a telescope is installed. Interestingly, players can use it to take a peek at the Earth just by pressing “R” (in PC). Once done, the device will automatically pull up a view of the planet with multiple areas being highlighted. However, the area deemed as the most prominent destination is Watchpoint: Gibraltar, which is also a map in the game. In the story, it is one of the team’s main bases.

The telescope room works as a spawn room in “Overwatch,” prompting some voice lines for Winston. The character, as far as the game’s lore is concerned, lived in Horizon Lunar Colony.

He used the telescope to look for potential landing spots, most of which are within Spain and Portugal. Interestingly enough, it was never revealed why the hero decided to leave the place.

Introducing the primates

The new map features traces of other primates that once lived in the area, although they can only be seen in “Overwatch” through pictures and security footages.

As per Winston’s voice lines, some of them are still inhabiting the moon, even though their exact locations remain a mystery. Blizzard previously revealed that more information about these primates will soon be introduced to the map. Therefore, in a sense, players will finally understand the history behind these creatures and why they left the base in the first place.

A certain security footage, however, features some of the primates causing trouble within the aforementioned “Overwatch” map. They are either throwing things around or simply ransacking food. Interestingly, there are numbers on their uniforms allowing them to be identified. Yet, Winston and Hammond do not have those. This might just imply that Hammond, in particular, will be the next hero to arrive in the game soon.

Winston’s Room

Any player who has seen the “Overwatch” animated short titled “Recall” will most likely be able to recognize the character’s room. Judging by the way it looks, there is no reason for players not to give it some exploration. Based on the game’s story, the hero is the only primate who loved living on the moon.

He loved the idea of learning and, thus, decided to become a scientist who eventually worked with the people in the colony.

One of the in-game sprays of Winston can actually be seen in his room. The Lexigrams, used to teach the primates, are also there. More importantly, there is a jar of peanut butter and, well, everyone knows that the gorilla scientist loves it.