Finally, the highly anticipated brand new map called Horizon Lunar Colony is now live in “Overwatch.” So far, the reception from fans and players alike has been impressive. This only proves that Blizzard has done a marvelous job developing it. The new “Overwatch” map, in its most organic form, is deemed as an Assault map. This represents the very base where the gorilla scientist named Winston, one of the game’s heroes, lived. It became his childhood sanctuary where he learned to understand human nature and all of its complexities.

Introducing Horizon Lunar Colony

The map was first introduced to the game’s Public Test Server, which serves as a testing area for upcoming updates and/or content. Interestingly, it is the first map in the game that offers a location with low gravity. At first, Blizzard wanted to make the entire map low gravity; however, after some discussions with the team, they all decided not to. They believed that doing so would only negatively impact the playability of the game.

In “Overwatch” lore, Horizon Lunar Colony is where Winston first got his signature glasses. He is later on introduced as Dr Winston, a scientist who plays a significant role in the game’s main plot. On the map, particularly on his bed, players can see a jar of peanut butter, which is the character’s favorite food.

Some of his toys can also be seen on the table and shelf. Above all of these, there is a telescope room where players can take a peek at the Earth. These are all part of the newly released map.

What this might mean for the game

The release of the brand new map in “Overwatch” means something bigger for Winston. It holds true that as far as the game’s lore is concerned, it is still a mystery as to why he left the place.

However, Blizzard itself promised that in the future, this piece of information will be added to the game via an update. As soon as this update arrives, players will finally have the answer to their question.

The most interesting part in the story behind Horizon Lunar Colony is the set of messages Winston sends to the “Overwatch” team prior to the infamous uprising.

This may refer to the arrival of an upcoming ape hero, who is believed to be connected to Winston’s past. It is worth noting that in the game’s story, the gorilla scientist knows that he is not the only genetically enhanced ape. Interestingly, it is a mystery in terms of whether or not this character can be counted as a friend.