Camping outside electronic retail stores to get the best Black Friday deal on a particular device is a time-honored tradition for most consumers. For gamers, the same is true for the annual Steam Summer sale for those looking to get the best price for a title they have been eyeing to buy. The annual event is notorious for its ridiculously low prices and absurd discounts, which has resulted in empty wallets and Bank Accounts for a lot of gamers. Those that have been waiting to splurge their hard-earned cash will no longer have to wait as the sale officially starts today, June 22 at 1 p.m.


Unofficial announcement

Steam has been surprisingly very quiet about its upcoming sale and it hasn't even hinted to fans the possible promotions it will be holding. The same can also be said about the exact date of the sale, which hasn't been officially announced through the company's standard channels until now. The actual starting date of the Summer Sale was first leaked by PayPal UK through a promotion that offered users a £5 discount for purchases of £20 or more using their PayPal accounts. Unfortunately, PayPal has not clarified if there will be a similar promotion for other regions as well.

Ridiculous discounts

Similar to previous Summer Sales, gamers can expect a lot of big discounts and ridiculously cheap packages to be featured during the event.

Gamers will likely not be able to resist discounts such as the full Sid Meier’s Civilization line-up for $10 and similar bundles. Additionally, big name triple A titles such as "Dark Souls 3," "Battlefield 1," "Dishonored 2," and "Doom" will get significant discounts that would make them simply impossible to resist.

Get the best prices

The week-long sale will be featuring a number of meta-sales that includes daily deals and short flash sales involving rotating titles. Those who are eyeing a particular title are advised to take their time and to be always on the lookout for when their target game will be included in the flash sales or daily deals.

This will ensure that they will be getting the best price for the games they want. Since the products are all digital, there is no need to worry about the stocks running out. If the particular game is not included in the daily deals or flash sales, then it is advisable to just purchase it during the last day of the sale. All participating customers are also advised to practice self-restraint. It isn't out of the norm for people to purchase hundreds of games during the sale only to end up with a library of unplayed games afterward.