Blizzard plans to release updates to “Overwatch” as part of improving the game’s overall experience. The latest update, in particular, brought balance changes to some of the title’s heroes. While most are pleased with what Blizzard did, some players are not.

Unfortunately, this is not really the main issue with the brand new “Overwatch” update. The one that players have beef about is the bug that the studio unintentionally introduced to Orisa, a tank hero in the game. This bug apparently gave the character an unbelievable boost that only imbalanced the gameplay experience.

Bug in Orisa’s Supercharger ultimate

Players have noticed that the update brought dramatic changes to the hero’s ultimate in the game. Supposedly, her ultimate should not be charging once the bongo (one that amplifies her teammates’ damage) is deployed. Unfortunately with the new patch this seems to be working the other way around. She is now able to stack her ultimate, especially when she deals and blocks damage. This is not to mention the slight percentage boost her ultimate received.

Obviously, Blizzard never meant for this to happen in “Overwatch.” Orisa, thanks to the bug, just becomes a super amplifier and attacker when using her ultimate. It should be noted, too, that characters with damage-boosting capabilities should not be able to stack their ultimate skills such as Ana’s and Symmetra’s.

Without a doubt, this is broken and the studio needs to do something to stop it.

Blizzard confirms fix on Orisa bug

The studio has confirmed that they are looking into this bug in “Overwatch.” They also acknowledged the fact that this boost, in one way or another, was never meant to be there. As a result, they will be developing a hotfix update to resolve the error.

Apparently though, the developer cannot provide a specific date or timeline as to when this fix will arrive. For the meantime, players will have to accept the accidental boost.

Of course, the latest “Overwatch” update was not just merely about negative things. For instance, the studio introduced a change that targets all aimbot users in the game.

The developers basically tweaked the red outline that aimbots use, something that is done using an image-recognition system.

As for those who resort to using RGB values in bypassing the change, Blizzard put a roadblock. Basically, the RGB value now changes in every match; while it is not a complete fix, it should disturb the accuracy of the aimbot software.