Like any other games, NetherRealm Studios’ “Injustice 2” will also greatly benefit from the release of skins. While these do not necessarily affect a character’s skills and capabilities, they are enough to make the in-game aesthetics a sight to see. Considering the fact that the title is still new, there is no reason to believe that the studio will not resort to releasing skins in the future.

It holds true that nine more characters will be coming to “Injustice 2” soon via a DLC. While the content is already confirmed, it remains a mystery if the video game company will include sets of skins for players to utilize.

While on the topic, it is interesting to investigate all the possibilities involving these cosmetic items.

The Adam West Batman

Many believe that Adam West has brought significance to the character of Batman. Perhaps NetherRealm Studios could honor the actor’s work in a retro-inspired Batman skin, one that looks similar to his costume back in the day. To make it even more interesting, the developers may choose to add colorful phrases such as “BFF” and/or “POW!” whenever the character punches or kicks an opponent’s face.

These added visual impacts can even be partnered with a Robin costume of the sort in “Injustice 2.” Besides, old-school is always cool, and it is just beautiful to see such thing in the titular fighting game.

Maybe, in one way or another, this will further boost the game’s popularity in the industry.

The Deathstroke Premier skin

Believe it or not, this one here is something that the fans of “Injustice 2” would want to see in the sequel. After all, this is the only character from the original game “Injustice: Gods Among Us” that did not make it to the second game.

If NetherRealm Studios really plans to add this character, then it is going to be a huge hit. If not, maybe they can resort instead to introducing a skin that Deadshot can wear. Besides, the two characters share the same set of movesets, differed only by a play of sword. Nonetheless, they have always drawn confusion most especially in the DC universe.

Deathstroke is definitely one of the most highly anticipated characters in “Injustice 2.” The only catch, however, is that there is no confirmation or whatsoever that pertains to his arrival to the game. He is not even part of the promised new characters coming via a downloadable content. Perhaps, in one way or another, the video game company can resort to developing the character instead of the skin.