In one of the latest “Injustice 2” trailers from developer NetherRealm, the lethal assassin named Red Hood took the spotlight. Finally, the studio has confirmed that the character will soon arrive to the game. Here is everything about its release in a nutshell.

The developers of the titular fighting-themed title “Injustice 2” announced that the aforementioned character will arrive next week. During the livestreaming called Watchtower, the video game company revealed the assassin will come on Tuesday, June 13. However, this will only be available to players who have bought either the Deluxe edition or the Fighter Pack 1 downloadable content.

The following week, though, the gun-equipped fighter will become accessible to all players.

Who is Red Hood and what are his capabilities?

Red Hood’s Super is the complete opposite of Green Arrow. He utilizes it as a grenade of sort and throws it on the ground, subsequently kicking the enemy to ground. To keep his target afloat (airborn, in a sense), he releases a massive array of bullets through his gun. He then leaps up and places a sticky bomb on the target’s back, following a rain of fire on the enemy before finishing. To end the animation, he conducts a well-aimed shot to detonate the grenade.

The upcoming “Injustice 2” character is famous for his Taser Guns. Using a throw, it switches with the opponent’s position, coupled with either a low or high attack.

The throw, however, can usually be meter burned.

Introducing the Fighter Pack 1 DLC in “Injustice 2”

The above-mentioned pack will be sold at $20, and it already includes both the Starfire and Sub-Zero from the popular “Mortal Kombat” series. Apparently though, NetherRealm has never mentioned about a specific date for the arrival of the two additional characters.

For players who purchase the Deluxe edition, they are entitled to all three confirmed fighters as soon as they are unleashed. As for those who purchase the Ultimate Edition, which is worth $100, they are in for a bigger treat. Why? That is because they will be getting a total of nine planned characters as DLC.

Injustice 2” became a massive hit as soon as it was released, acquiring impressive feedbacks from gamers and critics alike.

It took the whole industry by storm, cementing a name for being one of the most successful fighting titles to date. It is currently available one PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is deemed as a game enjoyable for both newbies and pros.