For all the “Pokemon GO” fans out there, Niantic is bringing some new and interesting stuff. These will all be made possible via an update, which is meant to celebrate the game’s first year anniversary. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The aforementioned “Pokemon GOupdate remains a mystery in terms of release date. However, the studio promised to release it sometime in summer. As a matter of fact, the studio has already revealed the changes and new features coming to the game via the aforesaid update. These are definitely something that the community wants to look forward to.

The Raid Battle and new Gym system

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated features, the Raid Battle brings the overall gameplay experience to a whole new level. Here, players can play alongside other players to battle extremely powerful pocket monsters. If they are successful beating these so-called Raid bosses, they will be able to acquire tons of rewards and bonuses. It is worth noting that there are rumors suggesting about these bosses being the Legendary creatures. Regardless, the whole world will soon find out.

Niantic previously shut down all of the gyms in “Pokemon GO,” as they plan to implement a major remodeling to the system. With the upgrade, there will be a total of six creatures defending gyms.

Players can even choose to take them out in the order that they put the species in. Moreover, the move was to ensure that better gym gameplay experience will be introduced. This is, in fact, something that the fandom has been clamoring since day one.

PokeStop Indicators and improved Search system

Whenever players are able to acquire a good number of creatures in “Pokemon GO,” taking a peek at them on the Pokedex becomes a tiring task to do.

Well, not for long. That is because the new update will offer a brand new search bar in the game, allowing players to type names on it directly. This should enable them to locate and/or search a Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Furthermore, Niantic is also set to bring changes to PokeStops in “Pokemon GO.” In fact, this is not entirely a new thing, as the studio previously mentioned about adding customization options.

Now, with the forthcoming update, PokeStops will have indicators to help players know if one of these is ripe for a visit. This will definitely make things a lot easier now, most especially to the new players of the game. It is safe to say that the developers of the augmented reality game has raised the bar higher.