As a continuation of the previously released information about "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" for the PlayStation 4 console, Square Enix released a 5 minute and 32 seconds Tutorial video that revolved around the basics during battle. The tutorial is all about guarding during an enemy attack, attacking the enemy, and moving around the battlefield. In addition, it also talked about team battles, where the main player has to team up with other two players, selecting proper a battle set with HP attack and two EX skills.

After choosing everything, the next step is to choose a "Summon.

" These summonses can turn the tides of battles by altering the stage conditions, boosting attack, defense, or bravery, and many more effects, depending on the selected "Summon." The most common is called "Ifrit" that boosts Bravery points.

Tutorial video

The official Twitter page of Final Fantasy presents the five-minute tutorial video. Here it is:

Once the summon is set, players can see their opponents, "Battle Sets" to see the HP attacks and skills they have equipped. By doing so, they can plan accordingly and carefully to lead their game to victory. Attacking straightforwardly will cause the team to lose a great amount of health, or lose the match-up entirely. That is the reason why it is wise to read and understand Battle Sets before engaging the enemy.

Furthermore, once everything is set, the battle begins. As stated in the tutorial video, controls are presented to help players. All buttons and analog sticks are used in "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT," which makes this game a competitive game to play especially with friends.

Character types and dash

As mentioned before that there are four character types namely the Assassins, Marksman, Vanguard, and Special, dashing is another important action that players must remember.

There will be a "Dash Gauge" that will deplete whenever a player dashes towards the enemy or in any direction. On the other hand, the combat mechanics of battle is also explained in the tutorial above. These are the numbers that players must remember because these are crucial when they deal damage to enemies.

First, the HP and Bravery of the player, allies, and the enemies are displayed on the screen.

On the other hand, the skill gauge is also present and will blink whenever usable. Second, there is a stage break bonus whenever a player "Breaks" the enemy. Thus, when they deal another hit to the enemy that has 0 Bravery, the stage break bonus is granted to them, increasing their Bravery points more.

Lastly, some combos and skills can deal damage to an enemy's HP. When used right, they can deal damage to health after successive hits. Well, this depends on the character type. "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" will be released worldwide on early 2018, next year.