A few weeks ago, Niantic announced their plans of closing all gyms in “Pokemon GO.” It was meant as a way for the developers to restructure and/or remodel it. It allowed the studio to introduce some new features while making significant changes.

Now, the feature mentioned above in “Pokemon GO” is back. As promised, there are a handful of new features developed to provide a better gameplay experience compared to before. More importantly, it has shifted away from being a system based on Prestige. This is a huge milestone for the hit augmented reality game.

Only six Pokemon allowed, Motivation and more

In the previous version of the gym system, its very structure, as mentioned above, was solely based on Prestige. With the new update, however, Niantic decided to overhaul it and allow only six (maximum) Pokemon, with only one of each certain type. Add to this is the inclusion of a brand new stat called “motivation” of which only residing pocket monsters can own.

Basically, if players cannot knock a rival team in “Pokemon GO” gyms, the installed creatures will eventually lose motivation over the course of time. Defeats also contribute in the diminishing of a Pokemon’s motivation. This will result to the species’ CP being lowered, but only on a temporary basis.

So, in a sense, players can definitely contribute in chipping these gym defenders in one way or another.

Pokemon spirits and how to raise them

Another interesting thing Niantic added to “Pokemon GO” gyms are spirits. Basically, the members of the opposing team are able to raise their pocket monsters’ spirits by the use of berries.

This should aid them in gym takeovers, which, if successful, will allow them to earn badges.

Apparently, the latter can be leveled up in order to acquire more interesting items from PokeStops. On top of these, there is the spinnable photo discs. The studio developed this particularly, so as to resolve the issues experienced by players in remote areas.

Photo discs help in improving a creature’s spawn rate in a region or location.

The decision to remodelPokemon GO” gyms was a result of feedbacks and complaints players had over time. They insinuated that, in one way or another, the gameplay on this area of the game has become boring. As a matter fact, they suggest that it had become an avenue for exploiters who try to stockpile high-powered pocket monsters on the gym. With the new structure introduced, the entire community hopes that this will put an end to all the issues they experience in the feature.