Nintendo surely came in strong at this year's E3. The company released of new Nintendo Switch titles such as "Splatoon 2," "ARMS," "Pokken Tournament," "Xenoblade Chronicles 2," and "Super Mario Odyssey" to name a few. Fans cannot wait to hear more about what Nintendo will reveal next.

One of the biggest Nintendo Switch announcements made during E3 is the release of "Metroid Prime 4." Fans of the "Metroid" series were thrilled when the announcement of the game's release date was made.

"Metroid Prime 4" will be released on Nintendo Switch at some point in 2018.

Along with this latest Metroid game, another highly anticipated game will be released: A Pokemon game will be added to the hybrid Nintendo console.

The new adventures of Samus Aran

"Metroid Prime 4" became popular after its release in the old Nintendo gaming consoles, Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. It was first released as a first person explorative game which will also be adapted to the Nintendo Switch game.

The Nintendo Switch version will be the game's first console release version. However, it is being developed by Team Ninja instead of the previous "Metroid" developers Retro Studios. The changes in the developers received mixed reactions from hardcore gamers and fans of the "Metroid" series.

In addition to Nintendo Switch's game releases, the new Pokemon game is rumored to be entitled "Pokemon Star." After the game's release announcement, together with "Metroid Prime 4" during Nintendo Direct's show in E3 2017, there were no footages yet for both games.

However, even if there are no game footages yet, the release of each games' logos already made fans excited.

Since each game already has its own logo, it clearly means that both games are already in development and might come in stores earlier than expected.

According to the Senior Director of Nintendo Of America, Charlie Scibetta, the latest adventure of Samus Aran will be released by the year 2018. He also mentioned that along with "Metroid Prime 4," there will be more big games coming along to Nintendo Switch.

These big games include "Yoshi" and "Kirby." These games are not only big titles in the gaming industry; they are known as fan favorites as well.

What kind of Pokemon game will be released?

Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo of America, gave out more information about the future "Pokemon" game for the Nintendo Switch console. He confirmed that the new game will be a traditional find and train type of game.

Although fans were concerned that the new "Pokemon" game would be a copy of the other previous titles, they were assured that the new game will have be completely different from previous games. Since the game will be released on a brand new Nintendo gaming console, fans will experience a whole new different feel with the Nintendo Switch version.