Rockstar Games is known to release “Gta 5” updates that are consistent with certain real-world events. With the Independence Day fast approaching, the studio can be expected to drop an update during this time. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

In light of the recent controversy the studio and its parent company Take-Two Interactive are facing, the developers are set to release a brand new “GTA 5” update next month. While nothing has been confirmed so far, some leaks about this update have already found their way online. As a result, fans are anticipating the sort of things it will introduce.

All about the Independence Day update

The forthcoming update is said to release a fresh set of patriotic skins that players can utilize for their weapons. These skins are also meant to be equipped on various Mobile Operations Center, a feature added to the game via the Gunrunning update. This is Rockstar Games’ way of letting players showcase their national pride within the game. Interestingly though, this patriotic act will be magnified through heists and black market smuggles.

In a tweet from FoxySnaps, a known source of leaks within the “GTA 5” community, some of the aforementioned skins can be seen. There are a total of six weapons that players should be able to use in order to unlock the forthcoming skins.

These cover the likes of SMGs, pistols and even assault rifles, to name a few. While this is an interesting thing to experience in the game, players are said to spend at least $100,000 in-game currency in order to do so.

Mobile Operations Center aesthetics

As mentioned, Gunrunning update’s Mobile Operations Center are also expected to receive special skins in “GTA 5.” This will arrive alongside the patriotic weapons skins come July 4, the country’s Independence Day.

Based on the leaks, there are around four options that players can choose from. Apparently though, using them will also cost players some whopping in-game cash.

The Stars & Stripes in “GTA 5” will cost $100,000, while the Eagle Claw will be sold at $135,000.

As for the Eagle Claw flag, players can acquire this for $170. Lastly, the Forever Fighting Freedom is for sale at a price of $200,000. Without a doubt, players will have to find a way to acquire massive cash just to grab these special skins. As of this writing, though, Rockstar Games have yet to confirm the supposed Independence Day update. It should be noted, however, that FoxySnaps is considered a reliable source due to its accuracy.