Injustice 2” cleaned up the mess that most fighting titles have made in recent years. It is a breath of fresh air, most especially to players who have grown tired of the usual gameplay in the genre. One of the common issues they always complain about is the downright broken and rocky online features of these titles.

Fortunately, NetherRealm Studios’ parent company Warner Bros. wants to break the bad spell. They want to ensure that “Injustice 2” does not get to experience the same fate that the likes of “Street Fighter V” and “Tekken 7” experienced.

This is something that fans of the titular title should be excited about.

A studio dedicated to improvements

Warner Bros. has reportedly founded a studio named WB Games in the very heart of New York. This is basically a company dedicated specifically to improving the online games of the company, particularly "Injustice 2."

Interestingly, the newly founded studio is set to be working on a brand new cloud technology, which should allow NetherRealm Studios to add new contents seamlessly. Through this technology, too, the developers will not have any issue submitting the contents in a timelier manner.

In the official site of Warner Bros., the company’s executive vice president Steven Chiang revealed some interesting details about the new studio.

Chiang said that WB Games New York is a product of the company’s goal in giving importance to the expansion of “connected communities of players.” “We will have a strong foundation to grow our player connectivity with our digitally powered console and mobile games,” he continued.

Giving importance to online gaming

Chiang iterated that online gaming has become an important element in today’s video gaming and thus they want to guarantee its quality in “Injustice 2.” The executive revealed that in order for such goal to be reached, they would have to implement newer and more robust technology; hence the new cloud system.

He also promised that such work would continue to grow not only in the sequel but also in future projects.

Warner Bros.' take on online gaming is quite astonishing, with a promise to develop the feature in “Injustice 2” with a new technology. The problem with most publishers nowadays is the lack of such initiative. It seems they do not give significance considering how critical online play is to a title. With this move from the company, players of the sequel can expect servers to work in harmony. Ubisoft should definitely learn from WB Games New York.