Raid Battles is the newest feature Niantic added to “Pokemon GO,” and so far, fans love it. Sure, there are a couple of issues; however, these do not necessarily make the system a failure. Nevertheless, players are wondering just how many raids can they participate in a day.

The key to joining raids in “Pokemon GO” is through raid passes. There is even a premium pass for a one-time raid, but unfortunately, this is synonymous to tons of money. Hence most players resort to free raid passes, which can be acquired by spinning a Photo Disc at gyms. Still, only one raid pass can be obtained through this process.

How many raid passes can be used in a day

Heavy notes that there is actually a trick in the game that allows players to join raid battles for free more than once in a day. If players decide not to utilize their raid pass on the very day they acquire it, it will not disappear from their respective accounts. They are able to keep it, so they can use it the next time they decide to participate in a raid.

Once this pass is used from the day before, then players can simply spin another PhotoDisc. From there, they can get another one and participate raid battle for free. This, in particular, allows players to utilize at least two raid passes in a single day. So, in a sense, they can enter two raid battles.

It is worth noting that this is just a little workaround in “Pokemon GO.” Nonetheless, there are a good number of players who are using it already when playing the mobile game. Just remember that when saving a pass, it must be utilized just before a Photo Disc is spun on a gym. Otherwise, the second pass will not be obtainable.

So, as much as possible, players must not hold on to that pass when they spin the PhotoDisc. Niantic basically allows players to carry a single pass with them.

Why one pass a day

The studio specifically developed raid battles in a way that no hoarding of passes will happen in “Pokemon GO.” This prevents players from keeping all the passes and using them all at once later on.

Fortunately, the new feature is still a work in progress and thus might change over the course of time. This limitation in raid passes, in particular, might be changed later on. The studio is reportedly set on testing the system until July.

It should be noted, too, that Niantic has lowered the level requirement needed for “Pokemon GO” players to participate in raids. Previously, it was level 35, but now, it is sitting at level 25. The former was not well-accepted by players, as they believe that it only promotes imbalance. More importantly, the level requirement only allows high-level players to become more powerful in the game.