Ever since it was released, "Overwatch" has become one of the most popular games. Beside fantastic gameplay, voice acting is also very good and the actors seem to really be into their characters. They've become very popular since they appeared at Blizzcon and they've done a great job connecting with their fans and everyone who plays the game.

Blizzard released "Overwatch" on May 24, 2016, and the game celebrated its first anniversary just a few weeks ago. While players had the opportunity to earn some unique in-game rewards during the anniversary event, "Overwatch" Voice Actors celebrated this big event in their own way!

This group released a Video on YouTube in which they tried to recreate their character's dance emotes.

The video is very popular and very good!

Anjali Bhimani, who voiced Symmetra in "Overwatch," published "Happy Dance-iversary Overwatch!" video on her YouTube channel. In just a few hours, the video received over 75,000 views and there's a chance it will go viral. The video has become very popular in a short period and it's trending all over social networks.

First dance belonged to Josh Petersdorf, who gave his voice to Roadhog in the video game. The last one was done by Cara Theobold, whose voice was used for Tracer. The actors gave their best to do make the dance moves similar to their characters, and some of them were really good.

It is important to note that not every voice actor is in the video. Some of the voice actors who did not participate in the video were Christopher L. Parson (Junkrat), Darin De Paul (Reinhardt) and Dolya Gavanski (Zarya).

Dance emotes

Unfortunately, not all "Overwatch" players can have dance emotes in the game. These emotes are special items that can only be unlocked through the anniversary loot boxes.

Many players complained about this as they'd like to obtain these emotes in other ways, such as buying them with in-game currency, but it seems it won't be possible.

Hopefully, Blizzard will change this and allow "Overwatch" players to buy the emotes they want.

It is important to note that anniversary items are very expensive, and if Blizzard makes dance emotes available in the store, they will most likely be expensive as well. To put it into respective, a normal legendary skin costs 1000 in-game credits, while legendary skins from the anniversary event cost 3000 credits. This has been the most expensive event so far, but Blizzard may lower the prices after some period.