"Overwatch" has been one of the most popular games in the recent period and it also became one of the best-known titles in competitive gaming. A lot of professional gamers started playing it and some of them have achieved a lot of success and fame thanks to the game.

Daniel "Dafran" Francesca, who is on Selfless Gaming team, is one of the professional gamers who became very popular playing "Overwatch." Even though he is one of the top ranked "Overwatch" players in the world, Daniel's most recent actions were not positively accepted by his fans, and he had a mini-rant on Twitter.

In the tweet he posted, the Pro gamer told his fans to "go f**k yourselves" after they criticized his behavior.

The reason why Dafran was criticized

Dafran was playing competitive mode in "Overwatch" and he was throwing games on purpose. While this is a really bad thing to do in the game, especially for a professional Player, the worst thing was that he was doing a live stream at the same time. There is no good excuse for him as it was obvious that he knew what he was doing and he was aware of the consequences for his behavior.

People who watched Dafran's live stream noticed what he was doing and they started a thread on the game's official forums about it. The thread had a few hundreds of posts as many other players criticized his actions and they wanted his account to be banned.

It is not very likely that he will be banned since he's a professional player, but this kind of behavior should not be tolerated, not by the player base nor by the game developer.

The reaction on Twitter

Dafran used his Twitter account to express his anger towards the people who wanted him to be banned. A lot of his fans were also disappointed with what he did, but it obviously did not affect him as his reaction wasn't really nice or appropriate.

In the longer tweet, Dafran wrote the following: "I honestly do not give a s**t what happens to me and my f***ing career, you can all go f**k yourselves. But, I am starting to realize my actions may be affecting my organization, teammates and their careers.

Time to reform into Seagull V2 and be a cute little nice guy."

Blizzard answers back

The uproar from fans calling for Dafran to be reprimanded was enough to make Blizzard pay attention. On June 8th, Blizzard released an official statement stating that Dafran had broken Rule 7.0 (Conduct) of the "Overwatch Contenders Ruleset", which states "All competitors and spectators are required to act in a respectful sportsmanlike manner at all times".

As a result, Dafran has been suspended from his Overwatch accounts for a week and from Competitive Play for the remainder of Season 5. To add to his list of punishments, he will also be disqualified from Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, will not be allowed to participate in Overwatch Contenders Season One, and is disqualified from any Blizzard-sanctioned tournament play for the duration of this competitive season.

The good news however, is that Dafran’s Overwatch Contenders team will not be negatively impacted by his actions, as they will still be able to compete with a substitute.

What do you think? Was this punishment from Blizzard too harsh? Or will it serve as a lesson for other players to learn from?