OverwatchSummer Games 2017 is happening soon. This is according to the latest datamined information found in the most recent update server. The latest discoveries links to the fact that indeed the games are arriving. Noticeably, among the files discovered, none hints on the exclusive mode loved by players, the Lucio Ball.

Latest datamined details

On the official “Overwatch” subreddit, several dataminers discovered five player icons. These icons are flags of countries such as Antartica, India, New Zealand, Iraq, and Spain. It can be recalled that the first Summer Games launched in the previous year also involved icons of several countries, which participated in the Olympics held during that year.

Interestingly, the home country of the characters all matched with these icons.

Most likely, these recently discovered flags are essential clues to the entire “Overwatch” story. The flag of Antarctica could stand for Ecopoint: Antarctica or the Spanish flag for Watchpoint: Gibraltar. On the other hand, these could potentially represent another thing in the game. National symbols like these could cover much more than just a sports event representation.

Summer Games 2017

During the first Summer Games, “Overwatch” took players to the 2016 Olympics. The event introduced numerous player icons’ country flags and Olympics-based cosmetics. In our previous article published earlier, we reported about the audio files discovered through datamine, which involves drum beating or festival sounds.

While some fans speculated that it could be a Mardi Gras related event, the closest that we could think of upon hearing the files is the Summer Games.

If the recent datamine findings are to be proven accurate, it only gives fans the perception that events in the game could be reintroduced. Winter Wonderland and Halloween Terror could potentially happen again, which will surely make fans happy.

There are several players who were not able to participate in the previous events or get the event-themed cosmetics could have another chance to experience it.

Exclusive game mode

While the recent files discovered reveal clues about the upcoming summer event this year, the exclusive game mode was not found. The Lucio Ball, a Summer Games 2016-exclusive game mode is one of the favorites during the event.

In this non-combat mode, players clustered to teams of Lucios playing football in Estadio das Ras. It resembled the way “Rocket League” is played. Aside from that, enemy players could not be harmed unless triggered by a bug. These bugs enabled others to occupy Lucio Ball and destroy the area. Through this, enemy Lucios were killed, in a way breaking the mode’s balance.

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