Overwatch’ never runs out of ideas when it comes to remaining current at all times. What the game offers to its community is always engaging, from new guidelines against cheaters to some untouched features of the game and even small updates players don't even notice.

Blizzard always gets the outcome it wants. For the upcoming Big Reveal this Friday, the software giant asked a little help from its “Overwatch” voice actress to get more attention. Charlet Chung, the actress who lends her voice to D.Va, tweeted a picture of herself next to Overwatch’s logo while hugging a super cute giant Pachimari doll.

What we know about Friday’s big reveal

The strategy as expected did not fail. It hyped the event happening this Friday as teased in the Twitter post. But Chung’s appearance with the doll in the “Overwatch” office hints at something more. Blizzard might be planning to launch a line of physical goods and accessories. If not, it might be on track to launch several unlockable contents like a new character model, new animations or even new game highlights.

Chung’s effort may not be enough and that’s why other actors are expected to join her to promote the weeklong preview extravaganza.

One notable name in the list of potential actors to make an appearance is Lucio’s voice player, Jonny Cruz.

Blizzard teases new shorts about D.Va

According to Mic Network, the weeklong preview Chung mentioned in her tweet might be a reference to Blizzard’s plan to launch new cinematic shorts featuring D.Va. The last time the community saw a featured short was during the BlizzCon 2016 when Sombra was launched.

Analyzing further into Charlet’s tweet, the phrase “Sneak peeks all week” is indicative that she will be appearing in a series of premiers. Her presence in the campaign might be referred to as coincidence, but all the fans are quick to pick up hints from related circumstances, so they probably already have an idea of what's to come.

Meanwhile, this YouTube video below tackles some rumors and concluded that D.Va could be playing the lead in the new short film.

Meanwhile, a prior leak which predicted the qualities of Orisa noted that the new shorts will feature Mei. However, considering the way things went in the past few hours, “Overwatch” might be headed in another direction.

Wherever Blizzard is trying to lead us, will surely be unveiled come this Friday. So make sure to tune in for more hints and revelations.