Overwatch” welcomes tons of significant changes as Blizzard updates the games’ PTR with Patch 1.12. The said update goes live onto all modes today. The news has been confirmed by Bill Warnecke over the community Subreddit earlier today.

The confirmation comes up as a response to a poster asking if “Overwatch” PTR is down. Warnecke tipped that the 1.12 PTR has just been disabled in preparation for the patch disposal. Reporting on the topic, PVP Live noted that even though the current PTR numbers do not represent the final version they still provide a good hint of what to expect.

‘Overwatch’ Patch 1.12 notes: Maps, Characters and more

The New Assault Map update introduces the new Horizon Lunar Colony. This extended map is the most significant change in the latest patch. In addition, the Horizon map will pioneer Overwatch's gravity control options. The feature has previously been hyped when some users started using it for comical purposes.

The Horizon will bring “Overwatch” players to Winston's birthplace, where they can pay their respects. Prior to its present day set up, this colony was previously overrun by a super intelligent breed of monkeys that rebelled against their master by overtaking the supplies of their life support.

In connection with this, the new map previews a new character named Hammond, a new monkey hero. He is a peer to Winston who is shown missing on Horizon’s life support trackers.

Character Updates

McCree receives an improved Dead Eye, for which target locking time has been reduced to 0.2 seconds from 0.8 seconds. The damage accumulates over the first 1.0 seconds increased from 20 to 80 damage.

This means the character’s attack guarantees bigger damage when it gets a lot of time to build up.

Meanwhile, Reaper receives new passive updates where health orbs will be removed and its health can now regain 20 percent of all damage it made to other heroes.

Roadhog’s head hitbox size has been reduced by 20 percent. Scrap Gun’s bullet damaged will have a 33 percent decrease but the fire rate will be increased by 30 percent.

In addition, the clip size will be increased from 4 to 5.

Patch 1.12 will also bring bug fixes on General, Arcade and Competitive Play modes. The game UI will receive four bug fixes while the heroes are guaranteed to have nine updates.

To enjoy these exciting updates, Download Patch 1.12 for PC by going through "Overwatch's" game store.