The PlayStation 4 console is everything a console should be in today's generation. It is fast, reliable, boosts high graphics, good live service, and has excellent performance. There are also a bunch of games on the system, more than Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony is continuing to win the console war with their excellent system that has been selling very well. It is obvious that it is the best console out currently on the market.

The PS4 continues to shine

The system continues to do well, even recently out beating the Nintendo Switch, which also has been doing well in its own right.

Moreover, the PS4 continues to shine. It is evident in the PS4 is the best-selling console in the US. Nintendo has been evident to have stock shortages which are what hinders its sales and success. This is one of the reasons that Sony is beating all its competitors. It is beating its competition in its games, service, and many different console options. A customer can buy a PS4 Pro, a PS4 Slim, or a regular Playstation 4.

Nintendo's latest console is facing the same issue as the Nintendo Classic HD Edition, which they had to stop production with because of it selling well, beyond expectations. Nintendo is a great company, although they seem to be behind in production. It appears to hold them back time and time again as seen with its past two consoles.

Figures from the NPD revealed that the PS4 overtook the Switch, since being the top-selling console for the month of April. NPD also shared the news that the PS4 and Xbox One are outperforming it's past consoles.

Despite the PlayStation 4's dominance, the Nintendo Switch is beating the console in Japan. The Switch is the highest selling console there.

It is doing well in Japan, but the fact is that it would be selling better if it were not for stock shortages. It can be argued that many customers were not able to buy it because of the shortages.

Will the PS4's success continue?

The PS4 will continue to sell well most likely. It shows no signs so far of slowing down. It is still beating the Xbox One and the Nintendo systems.

The system's success will continue because of its reliability, and it's great production. Nintendo's production is still its biggest problem.

The Playstation 4 will most likely hold the top spot for a while, possibly into next year even because of the many great exclusive games coming. "God of War 4," "Spider-Man," "Days Gone," and "The Last of Us 2," continue to look to put the system on top over Microsoft and Nintendo.

The PS4's reign is here, and it is here to stay.