Even “Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan has bad days and that could be the best time to earn a one-full-year of free subscription to “World Of Warcraft” and rare freebies like the Widowmaker Noire Skin. But what went wrong and triggered the developers’ main man to lose his cool?

How did it all start?

It all started with a seemingly rude post published by a user named "SharkyMarky" in Battle.net forum. The “Overwatch” community was quick to take notice of the post where the user was tagged for trolling, by asking whether or not Blizzard developers even play their own game.

From there, things escalated very quickly, reaching not only his fellow players but the game director himself. Kaplan took a shot at the thread and explained that their team has played the game, in fact, a lot. But he didn't stop there. He continued throwing shade at the user, giving away an approximate number games more he has won than his nasty opponent.

Aside from winning 800 more games, he clarified that the wins he had in daily internal playtests and time he spent in Alpha and Beta were not included in that figure. He ended his rant with a major clap back asking, “Did you have a specific question or are you just here trolling?" Clearly, this could have left the offender – pwned!

The reply was posted on Reddit and the response from the “Overwatch” community was crazy.

Most of the comments praised Kaplan’s glorious rise from the post which was deemed by many to be rude.

Round 2

However, the offender made an unprecedented counter-attack at Kaplan. On Thursday night, SharkyMarky posted on Reddit and told everyone that his feud with the developer did not end there.

He explained that after he filed a support ticket, a support member from Blizzard allowed him to express his apology and explained to him that an in-game interaction with Widowmaker caused his Jeff Kaplan's anger, which resulted in him taking out some of his frustrations in their interaction on the thread.

Unbelievable turn of events

As a response, Kaplan reached out to SharkyMarky and apologized. And, to make things even sweeter for this lucky user, as a token of sincerity, the “Overwatch” main man offered him a year subscription to “World of Warcraft.”

Here’s what he said:

In addition, Kaplan went on to explain Widowmaker’s balance.

He suggested that buffing her Venom Mine must be something they have considered.

Meanwhile, SharkyMarky expressed how thankful he is that the game developer of “Overwatch” came to apologize to him. But regarding his WoW subscription, the player asked Kaplan to exchange it for Noire Widowmaker skin since he does not play the game. His wish was granted and he received the skin on his account.

In the end, he became the hero because the subscription he refused has been awarded to someone on the World of Warcraft forums.