Being one of the most popular games, "Overwatch" is very attractive to streamers who make a lot of money by simply playing the game and broadcasting it. "Overwatch" fans who love watching live streamers recently witnessed negative behavior, as one of the best players, Dafran, decided to lose games on purpose and do some more negative things while streaming his gameplay.

However, on the brighter side, there are some live streamers who constantly entertain their audience and also help other streamers. Just a few days ago, two big-name "Overwatch" streamers decided to help a small-time streamer by sending more people to her channel.

This was an amazing gesture and the fans of the game loved it!

TimTheTatman and Lassiz help Kat_OW

TimTheTatman, who is followed by over one million people on Twitch, and Lassiz, who has 174 thousand followers on this streaming network, decided to help Kat_OW, who is a small-time "Overwatch" streamer. While TimTheTatman and Lassiz have big channels, Kat_OW just had around 20 followers before they decided to help her.

At the moment, Kat_OW's Twitch channel has 4,639 followers and it's growing quickly. Her main character is Mercy and she was actually playing with the character when she received this amazing follower boost. Kat_OW started crying and she was positively shocked and speechless. The new followers also requested her to set up a donation button so they can donate some money to her, which they eventually did.

Even though this was all very exciting, Kat_OW didn't let it become a distraction for her game as she won a few competitive games in a row.

If you are interested in watching her gameplay or the reactions she had to the new followers, you can do so by visiting her Twitch channel.

Kat_OW flamed another streamer for boost

As /u/skrrrrrrrrrt pointed out on Reddit, just a few hours before Kat_OW received the followers boost from TimTheTatman and Lassiz, she was flaming Moonlit, who is another streamer, for being boosted.

Despite the fact that Moonlit is already a great player who is just outside the top 500, Kat_OW openly flamed her on her Twitch channel.

Because of everything that happened in the last few days, a lot of people think that Kat_OW flamed Moonlit on purpose, simply because she wanted to cause drama, which would then bring her a lot of viewers. Kat_OW definitely got the attention she wanted, and now it's up to her to keep the followers and keep doing a great job.