Overwatch” is perhaps one of the highly celebrated games of recent memory. In fact, the hit shooter title from Blizzard quickly became one of the hottest titles in the eSports scene. Competitions after competitions followed, with the studio even building a league of its own. This is why more and more players are encouraged to spend more good quality time playing and enjoying it.

However, an “Overwatch” player by the in-game name of Treeboydave took this “quality time” into a whole new level. According to Gameplays Overwatch, he accumulated at least 100 hours of play in Quick Play alone.

What is even interesting is that he did it using each of the game’s available hero. Simply put, he spent 100 hours per hero in the game.

How the player did it

The aforementioned player revealed that the road was not easy, and it certainly did not take him a month or two. He said that he started everything in May of last year, just a few days after the official launch of the game. He further revealed that he did not plan for this to happen and he was not even aware that he was doing it already. For him, he did it for the purpose of, well, changing his main hero.

Treeboydave said that he originally had fun playing Mercy in “Overwatch.” He had no initial intention of playing it at first. However, when he started playing Mei, he found her quite exciting, too.

His decision to use Mei came when he was near 100 hours in playing Mercy. Believe it or not, he also completed 100 hours with the ice-wrapping hero. He later on got the idea and applied it to all heroes in the game.

What these hours actually mean

After reaching 9,000 victories and nearly 3,000 levels, he eventually completed his mission in “Overwatch.” The math here is really simple.

A 100 hours’ worth of play, with each hero, can accumulate around 24000 hours of play in total. For him to achieve the goal within a span of 13 months, he played at least 6 hours a day. It should be noted that the time or hours refer to game time, which means the actual time he started and ended using a hero.

Surprisingly, Treeboydave juggled this “Overwatch” goal with his full-time job.

Whether or not he had some good night sleep it remains to be unseen, though he should literally have two hours only to close his eyes. Now, the player wants to break his own record. He basically plans to reach at least 150 hours of game time with each hero. This time around, though, it will not just be on the game’s Quick Play mode.