Monopoly is a Board Game that has been played in our living rooms since 1935 when it was first published by Parker Brothers. Players move their tokens around the board to buy, trade or sell properties.

Hasbro, the company that now owns Monopoly, has collaborated with Nintendo to put a little twist on the iconic tabletop game.

The Monopoly Gamer Edition has been announced with Nintendo characters such as Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Yoshi, as its main characters with a whole new gameplay. Players need to collect coins, power-ups and win boss battles to earn points in order to win the game.

How is the Gamer Edition played?

Traditionally, players move in Monopoly by rolling two pieces of numbered die. In the Gamer Edition, however, players roll numbered die and a power-up die.

The power-up die activates a special ability on a players’ turn. The player also has the option of moving their token first or using the special ability. Some special abilities allow players to collect coins from the bank while some make opponents drop coins directly on the board so players may collect them as they pass.

For example, you roll a five on your numbered die while the power-up die rolls a green shell. With the green shell’s special ability, you can make the player in front of you drop three coins.

If you decide to use the special ability before moving your token, you may be able to collect your opponent’s dropped coins as you move five steps.

The Gamer Edition features unique abilities per character

Each Nintendo character has two unique abilities; Super Star Ability and the Power-up Boost.

The Super Star Ability is activated when the character lands on a Super Star Board space.

While the Power-up Boost Ability allows the character to boost certain abilities on the power-up die.

Here’s an example, if your character is Mario and you roll a five on the numbered die and coins on the power-up die, Mario can collect four coins from the bank because that’s his Power-up Boost Ability. Meanwhile, when Mario lands on a Super Star Board space after moving five spaces, you get to roll the numbered die again and whatever number comes up, you collect that much coins from the bank, plus five more.

So if you roll a six, you collect six coins plus five more from the bank.

The Monopoly Gamer Edition will be available in August 2017. The regular edition is priced at $24.99 while the Collector’s Edition, that comes will Bowser and special packaging, will cost $39.99.

Watch the video below to see Mario and the gang in action.