The “Mass Effect: Andromeda” community was bugged by recent reports suggesting that developer BioWare cancelled the game’s supposed DLC. This immediately confused players as they were expecting for content from the studio (ironically, based on rumors). Fortunately, this was reportedly a hoax. There was a catch though.

According to Kotaku, a Facebook post was doing the rounds recently, apparently announcing the video game company’s decision to cancel a DLC for “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” This post went viral, when players started sharing to various groups and other social media sites.

Apparently, it was not true; however, the hoax was right about the game not having a single-player DLC anyway.

What really happened

Basically, the studio has no plans of developing content for the game’s single-play mode, something that most players thought was happening. If this is really the case with the new game, the move is a complete shift from the way the developers did it with the three previous titles. All the predecessors acquired single-player content right after their official launch, with titular expansion such as “Lair of the Shadow Broker” and “Citadel” from the first and second installment, respectively.

This is without a doubt an unfortunate departure for the long-running sci-fi-themed franchised.

Mass Effect: Andromeda” was supposed to undergo the same content process, but for some reason, BioWare opted to cancel. The aforementioned DLCs received praises for their unique and compelling stories, let alone the evolution of the characters throughout the content.

The downfall of the new game

Unfortunately for “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” the hype it built did not play consistently with its release.

The game was not able to meet the sales expectation of publisher Electronic Arts, which later announced that the critically acclaimed series will be on hiatus. In addition, the company revealed that developer BioWare will be reassigned to an unknown project. All these point at the impending death of the series as a whole, except if the current game acquires a miracle.

Reports suggest that the mediocre reviews and, well, animation memes all contributed to the title’s downfall.

Interestingly, the writers of “Mass Effect: Andromeda” hinted at something interesting for the game. They recently joined a live stream on Twitch where they revealed their writing plans for the game. They did not explicitly say or confirm a DLC, but they did mention about writing the game’s conclusion. One writer said that by far, it was her favorite part in writing. Perhaps this is BioWare’s way of saying to not-so great run with the game. As for when it gets released, it remains to be unseen.