The previous update of "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" talked about the "Bowgun Adventure" and "Magic Slot." In addition, a party member named Silvia was added together with information on skills and abilities. Now, the latest issue of the Weekly Famitsu revealed two new party characters along with the town of Grotta, according to Gematsu. These two characters are also featured in the intro movie and trailer of the said game. Martina uses her charm and spear skills while Row uses his magic to deal huge damage to enemies.


Martina is depicted as an elegant woman in "Dragon Quest XI" with efficiency in using the spear.

In other words, she is beauty and danger combined into one. Her skills are the following: "Sexy Beam," "Witch Nail," "Miracle Moon," and "Hell Spark." First, "Sexy Beam" confuses her enemies by using her charm and beauty. She poses and monsters fall in love with her beauty. Second, "Miracle Moon" is a melee skill that deals damage to enemies. Third, "Witch Nail" is a claw skill that also deals damage to enemies. Lastly, "Hell Spark" is a spear skill that strikes one enemy with a hell thunder.


On the other hand, Row is a mysterious old man that proficiently uses his rod to deal magic damage to enemies. Along with his magic spells, he also has skills that revives allies. His spells are "Kazam," "Kacrackle," and "Kazing." The first two spells mentioned deals damage to enemies while "Kazing" revives a fallen ally.

Moving on to his skills, the following are: "Baptism of Zero," "Revival Staff," and "Liger Slash." First, "Baptism of Zero" is a skill that removes buffs and other good effects from the enemy. In short, the skill removes all buffs from the target. Second, "Revival Staff" revives a fallen ally just like "Kazing." Lastly, "Liger Slash" is an all out attack where Row attacks the target many times---both spells and normal attacks.

The town of Grotta

The town of Grotta is explained as well along with the aforementioned characters. Grotta is situated in the northern part of Lotozetasia, where the "Masked Fighters Tournament" is held. In addition, a commemoration of General Grieg, who won the said tournament, can be seen in this town.

"Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS console on July 29 in Japan. Moreover, a Nintendo Switch version and its Western localization is yet to be announced.