Blizzard has just now revealed the official Release Date of its highly anticipated remastered version of the 1998 real-time strategy video game, "StarCraft." In an announcement made today, the company revealed that players will be able to access the HD remastered version of the most iconic RTS title in gaming history on Aug. 14.

Along with game's release date announcement, the company also published a brand new live-action trailer, which shows Terran, Zerg, Protoss forces convening in what looks to be a city in Korea, to further increase the hype.

Evolution complete

The classic "StarCraft" game is currently free to download and play, which is why the title itself still remains to be very relevant throughout the world. However, for players who want to bring the classic title into modern times, buying the remastered title will make a lot of sense as they will also be getting a number of brand new features within the game for their $15 purchase.

"StarCraft: Remastered" brings with it a slew of add-ons that will now truly make it a formidable platform in the eSports arena. The upgraded version sports full support for UHD 4K resolutions along with updated textures and graphics for all units. The entire audio soundtrack for the game has also been remastered to further enhance the gameplay experience.

However, the most important add-ons are the new online feature suite, which includes player profile and statistics, cloud saving, online matchmaking, and community leaderboards.

Check out the live-action release date trailer below:

Bonus content

To entice players to upgrade to the remastered version, Blizzard is also throwing in a number of bonus items for players who already own "StarCraft 2." Those who will purchase the remastered version will be getting access to the Alexei Stukov co-op commander as well as specially themed portraits.

Additionally, pre-order buyers for "StarCraft: Remastered" will be getting three exclusive building skins for each race, namely the Korhal Command Center for the Terrans, the Char Hive for the Zerg, and the Auir Nexus for the Protoss.

Extending its lifespan

Despite being almost two decades old, the original game is still played by millions of players worldwide and it continues to be quite relevant in video game competitions. Blizzard's CEO Mike Morhaime mentioned in a press release that their aim of modernizing the classic game is for it to be enjoyed by newer generations, hopefully for many more years to come.