A historic moment has arrived in the eSports scene as Activision Blizzard just achieved a huge milestone in the industry. The studio has signed a deal with Twitch, a popular live streaming platform used by gamers and fans alike. The two entities have reportedly partnered to bring the best of the video game world.

Activision Blizzard made a deal where Twitch will officially own the rights for third-party streaming of the video game company’s premier eSports events. The agreement does not only involve the licensing of the competitions, so to speak.

Why? That is because the studio vowed to reward Twitch Prime subscribers with interesting in-game contents for some of its titles.

The eSports live streaming deal

For the first time in history, a developer has partnered with a live streaming platform with the goal to further push the limits of eSports in the country. The rewards Activision Blizzard plans to give to the aforementioned subscribers are in-game contents of "Overwatch," "Hearthstone” and “Heroes of the Storm.”

Thanks to the deal, Twitch will be in charge in live streaming the biggest competitions in the world of eSports. This includes “Heroes of the Storm” Global Championship, “Overwatch” APEX League and Premier Series, and “Hearthstone” Championship Tour and Global Games.

Moreover, the developer plans to include the popular Arena Championship in “World of Craft” and World Championship Series in “Starcraft 2.” There is no doubt that this move will forever change the scene and how it is deemed.

The company’s very own co-founder named Frank Pierce said that this deal became possible due to the “long history” of them working with Twitch.

He even pointed out how this partnership will help them, as a company, bring “some of the most exciting eSports action” across the globe.

The birth of an empire

Enthusiasts suggest that the move Activision Blizzard did will eventually make them known as one of the biggest tournament providers in all of eSports. Not only that: this would mean the birth an empire founded around the core standards of video game competitions.

Interestingly, this started with the overwhelming successOverwatch” has acquired since day one. Although the studio managed to do the same with other titles, the shooter game just greatly differ in fanbase.

They believe that with the inevitable success of “Overwatch,” Activision Blizzard’s influence in the video game industry will become more significant. Of course, as this goes on, the net worth value of the company will also rise. The partnership it made with Twitch is just one of the many actions the company plans to do in order to rise in the competition.